Maestro AIO_DIO Interface

This apparatus integrates essential hardware connectivity functions designed to interface with a

Maestro Host Computer and installed National Instruments PCIe-6363 interface board and the

Plexon Multi-Channel Acquisition Processor. These functions are: Analog Input, Analog Output,

 Digital Input, Digital Output, Plexon/OmniPlex Interface and Reward Delivery.

Analog Input/Output

This interface serves as a breakout panel for the analog signal lines. It also buffers the input lines,

providing the data acquisition board with an additional layer of protection against power surges,

short circuits, or bad wiring in the laboratory apparatus.

Digital Input/Output

The digital I/O interface is more than just a “breakout panel" for the 16 digital inputs and 12 digital

outputs of Maestro's DIO event timer device. The interface also houses one or more modules that

perform critical tasks in the experiment rig.

PLEXON Interconnect

This DIO feature was conceived in the Lisberger lab as part of a scheme to integrate Maestro's data

stream with the Plexon Multichannel Acquisition Processor (Currently OmniPlex) and provides real-time

spike sorting across multiple electrode channels.

Reward Delivery

This module functions by Maestro writing to this device and delivering a pulse whose duration in milliseconds
 is specified by a 12-bit value. This pulse ultimately drives a solenoid valve that gates the flow of liquid for reward



Analog Input:

32 channels of non-inverting, buffered analog inputs -10V - +10V

Analog Output:

4 channels of buffered analog output with gain, offset and polarity controls.

Digital Input:

16 channels 5V logic inputs.

Digital Output:

12 channels of 5V logic inputs capable of sourcing 15ma per channel.


Implements “Mode 2” on either Plexon MAP (cable required) or OmniPlex data/event recorders.

Power: 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz @ 2Amps, IEC input filter module


Solenoid output on back panel for wiring convenience.

Six Expansion slots for future/custom circuitry, w/ front-panel access

Trigger/Drain switches for cleaning and maintenance.

External trigger input on front panel


For information :
Chris George

Keith Hamilton