Keith and Dea Hamilton

Looking for an excellent builder? Consider

Henry (hank) Morrissette Construction

Bracey Virginia 23919

(434) 636-4457 office

(434) 917-3676 cell

We did and were very happy we chose his company. From the level of quality he insists on to the caliber of the people he employs we are in awe of what Hank has been able to accomplish for us. What especially stood out with Henry was his ability to work with ideas and concepts, he quickly and effectively could take what we were trying to say and "Oh sounds like this is what you are looking for" type of thing. And most of the time it would be a building idea or concept we had never heard of that was exactly what we wanted. Feel free to call us for any references. (919) 906-0506 (cell)

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We also recommend Smiley construction (they finished our driveway) 434-689-2344

Robert E Furr